Jesus Christ is the power and the wisdom of God unto all who believe. He came to give you life! He came specifically to give you His life. He gave you His life so that you could live through His life in the power and wisdom of God. This is the gift and the inheritance of the believer.

The Reigning in Life Conference presents how Christ identified Himself with you so that you could be identified with Him. This unlocks the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory. As a believer, you already have the resurrection life of Christ. At the Reigning in Life Conference, you will learn how to live and walk in the resurrection power of Christ!

The Reigning in Life Conference answers why many sincere believers continue to struggle by using clear and powerful illustrations and examples that show you the believer’s life in Christ and presents the ‘how to’ walk in the new and living way of faith in Christ.

Your faith and hope in Christ will be energized through revelational understanding. You will know how to simply and practically ‘work out your salvation’ and ‘walk by faith’ in the completed work of Christ. Life and peace will flow into your life and relationships as you learn how to abide in Christ.

Bring a Reigning in Life Conference to your church or group

Offered every other month from 9:00am-2:00pm and includes lite lunch.

These dates and times don’t work for you?  Sign up for the online option and work at your own pace!  Easy, convenient, and gives you time to assimilate and apply truths that eliminate frustration, resulting in peace and joy and victory.

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